Welcome to Waltham Forest

Here at Waltham Forest, we understand the power we have to inspire and create opportunities that have a transformative effect on the unique people that make up our borough.

We are a young, diverse borough bursting with potential and opportunity with a Council that delivers for our residents, businesses and partners.

A rich history and culture that makes us distinctive and with a strong sense of community. And it’s the power of culture that has transformed our identity, our place and our people. The legacy of being the first ever London Borough of Culture has been to realise the need to put culture at the heart of everything we do, from bringing people together to creating communities with culture on every corner.

We are committed to building on these achievements by delivering 15-minute neighbourhoods that put the unique communities at its core.

We’ve invested in the infrastructure that will unlock the growth our people need, and we continue to attract investment as others share the vision we have.

We want to foster a culture with staff that brings the best talent while also reflecting the people we serve.

We need someone that can, not just see the potential but help us harness it for the benefit of all. Whilst never forgetting that Waltham Forest expects excellent services every time that are value for money and responsive.

Our ambition is never measured and neither should yours, together we can create a fairer, more equal borough that tackles the crisis of today whilst building for the future.

If you share our values and sense of purpose then we’d love you to choose Waltham Forest.

Cllr Grace Williams, Leader of Waltham Forest Council