Our Corporate Vision

Here in Waltham Forest, we know we have the power to inspire and create opportunities that can change the lives of the people that live here. In early Spring 2023, we are launching our new corporate strategy, setting out a new vision for residents, councillors and staff that proudly celebrates our local neighbourhoods. We’re bringing support services closer to resident’s homes, making Waltham Forest a more inclusive and accessible place – for everyone.

This new ground-breaking approach focuses on our 15-minute neighbourhoods model and is our response to the challenging and turbulent times we are all facing. 

We saw during the pandemic how local people came together to support each other. We want our communities to be more empowered, to lead and self-organise, and have the confidence to make the positive change they want to see. 

Local people know their neighbourhoods best and we want everyone to have more of a say over the places in which they live and the services they use. Over the last year, we have collaborated with thousands of residents from across the borough. This has meant delivering a wide-ranging programme of in-depth engagement and research, listening to and understanding their diverse experiences, and exploring people’s understandings of and aspirations for 15-minute neighbourhood. We will build a fairer and more equal borough with 15-minute neighbourhoods at the heart of our collective approach – and everybody has a part to play.

This bold new strategy focuses on three core themes:

  • Everyone taking part and fulfilling their potential
  • Everyone benefitting from shared prosperity
  • Shaping the borough together

We are prioritising the following areas as part of this programme:

  • Working towards becoming net-zero by 2030, achieving our climate action plan and making Waltham Forest a greener, more sustainable borough

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  • Launching a new Family Hubs programme, bringing wrap around, accessible support services to families close to home

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  • Tackling health inequality, working towards the recommendations set out by the Marmot Institute in their recent research project for our borough. We aim to create a fairer and healthier Waltham, closing the gap between the increased 7-year life expectancy in the south of the borough, compared to the north.

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  • Our new Safe Streets approach, working in partnership with Waltham Forest Metropolitan Police teams to create more welcoming and safer neighbourhoods for residents. This work includes pop up police stations and empowering residents to report anti-social behaviour and crime in their local neighbourhoods.

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  • Putting Waltham Forest on the map as somewhere to visit, work and live through our destination strategy. This includes our inward investment programme, building a stronger, more sustainable Waltham Forest – for everyone.